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In a world of crisis, what next?

5 Mar

As a student at Parsons, you have the ability to be exposed to situations, people and information for which you may not otherwise have the opportunity.  Twice a year, we get a visit from famed international trend forecasting company Edelkoort, Inc and are transported into another world with their predictions for seasons to come.  On February 23rd, we all took our seats for a two hour ride through life as we have known it and peered at a light at the end of the tunnel.

One may expect from a presentation stating the trends for Spring/Summer 2013 that you may be introduced to a different silhouette or a color story that you may find surprising.  Instead, what was delivered was a story that all of us in the room had lived, were living and continue to live.  It began with the notion that for most of us, our mostly 20-something generation, have known nothing other than crisis in our lives.   A revolutionary thought that isn’t all that revolutionary at all but something that as ‘children’ of this desperate time, we may not ever truly consider.  For me personally, it struck a chord.  Though I skew on the older side of many of my classmates, the defining moment of our decade, the attacks of September 11th, happened my first week freshman year of college.  Since then, between the economy, war and natural disasters, it really does seem as though we have taken one hit after another.

The Trend Union presentation did not present to us about darkness, though.  Instead, it was more of a solution.  The presentation was titled ‘Bliss: Spiritual Moments in Everyday Life’ and it acted as a sort of encouragement as to take steps toward a solution with the tools we have.  Through twenty-one different highlights all focusing on various supports to finding a way to live without fear and make the feeling of ordinary surrounding us something extraordinary, I found myself thinking ‘why would I ever want it to be any different?’  There were focuses on the idea of light and white as a peacefulness and familiar freshness.  The idea of home as a sanctuary and place to rejuvenate the spirit was shown to help us find inspiration in the everyday.  A sense of community and care for others brought in artisanship, the power of the handmade and very literally the threads of knitwear stringing us all together.  There was an emphasis on freedom and creation, being undone and closer to nature, as well as celebration and looking into the costumes we use in rituals throughout our lives.

Yes, the color stories were new and fresh.  Yes, there were unusual silhouettes and innovative textiles.  But the core of what we should all be looking forward to for the Spring/Summer 2013 season is a sense of hope and a true appreciation for what we have, not just the fashions that we wear.

Prints Charming.

23 Jan

With Chanel setting a pretty strong tone at the start (I freaked out about it here), it has to be said that designers have really brought their ‘A’ games to Pre-Fall 2012.

Two collections that I have previously never spent much time thinking about, Just Cavalli and Matthew Williamson, both really took me by surprise.  Both known for using prints, I always have it in my head, potentially for good reason, that they always go a bit too far and make very expensive clothes look very cheap.  But I am happy to report that, for now at least, I am eating my words.  I am kinda loving what both design houses delivered.



Here are some ways to work it into your wardrobe…

Polka Dots. Military. Neon.

11 Oct

So I have been at Parsons for almost 2 months now if everyone can believe it!  I’m in the middle of mid-terms which is actually taking approximately a month to complete for all my classes.  Feeling a bit like as soon as I finish these projects, it will be time for finals.  CRAZY.

But I am loving it and I know I haven’t been sharing much with all y’all about the work I have been doing and I need to get better at that because someone out there must enjoy it as much as I am  :)  This week I had to put together a trend report on three current trends and I chose (for this edition) polka dots, military and neon.  Very ‘of the moment’ and potentially already on their way out.  (Fun fact: Trend forecasting agencies are already starting to publish reports for Spring 2013!)

Which one is your fav?




Starry Eyed Version 2.0

1 Jul

Earlier this week, I put up a post about the Fall 2011 Ready to Wear D&G star trend and how much I love it.  And it turns out that all of you do too!  So here are some slightly more affordable ways for us all to rock it  :)

Use patches to embellish your own items :)


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