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The Cat Came Back.

1 Mar

Quite some time back, I wrote a post about a cat hat that I wanted.  Actually, I’ve written two posts about my mild obsession with all things feline.  Except actual felines.  There are only a few of them in my life with whom I have liked my relationship.  I’m even weirding myself out by the moment, so if you could just bear with me, I do have a point.

When I wrote the initial post, I brought up a beautiful lady who worked at my hairdressers in London, who I saw one day wearing an entirely black ensemble with a cat hat.  A really cool cat hat.  I could never actually effectively describe this hat.  I get that it sounds silly.  I have grown obsessed with this hat, sure I would never find it anywhere but never properly letting it go.

Then it happened.  I was catching up on some of the blogs that I try to read on the regs and came across Peony Lim (who attended the Viktor Luna presentation I reviewed, here).  She had been working on a series of posts about her daily outfits for New York Fashion Week…lo and behold, what is that I see on Miss Lim’s noggin?!  THE CAT HAT.  So I jumped up and I clicked my heels and I did a little dance (and then I saw the price tag and I got a bit mopey).  Still, I remain very excited about the discovery!

It is part of the collection for adorable milliner Marie Mercié and I will continue to lust, knowing that this hat is more than likely unattainable.  But I also find it perfect time to remind everyone that my 29th birthday is only four short months away and I love you.  Yup.

So we are all clear, I do totally understand that even though I am trying to justify my love for this hat, a fair few of you may still think I am a little off my rocker.  But all is fair in love and fashion.  What?  You wanted some more black cat pictures for this unintentional series?  Your wish is my command.

Chanel Kitty Cat

6 Jul

While very excitedly reading the newest issue of UK Elle today, I stumbled across a new campaign from Chanel and am totally loving it!  Only Uncle Karl could make dressing up like a cat look good…beyond good…totally fashionable.

Now, ‘cat’ is not a look that I have ever personally tried to pull-off but I did have a flashback to seeing a girl at my hairdressers wearing the most amazing and fashionable black cap that, upon closer inspection, had little black cat ears and a nose with whiskers.  All in black, just the shape of it hidden a bit from being so obvious.  I know it sounds crazy but it was 100% glamorous.

It wasn’t soon after this that I became fully obsessed with Maison Michel’s lace ears (especially the ones with the veils).  Again, it’s not all that usual that I see Lady Gaga and want something she is wearing, if I am being honest (Lily Allen is a whole other story, I want to move into her wardrobe). I still dream about those expensive lace ears and I just can’t seem to settle for making my own…don’t ask me why, it’s a principle thing  :)

I still lose sleep over the Maison Michel ears…not that I have anywhere to wear them, really.  But that isn’t the point.  I would sit here and blog wearing them if I had them, my ‘thinking cap’, if you will.  Take a sneaky peek at the Maison Michel website for all his updated work as well, everything is STUNNING.

What I am trying to get at: Mouse ears…how do you feel about it?  Would you?


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