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Why is a raven like a writing desk?

27 Jan

For the last who knows how many years, I have been desperate to have a fancy dress Alice in Wonderland birthday party (I wrote about it before here).  Actually…I’ll take a party for whatever, just give me an occasion.  I stumbled across these ridiculous heels the other day and it reignited my excitement about the thought of such a fête.  This year I will be traveling for my birthday (more to come on that very exciting subject) so chances are it just isn’t possible but a girl can dream…

They are totally bizarre and kooky but I love them.  And I want them.  For whatever reason, I would far prefer to dress up as the Queen of Hearts as opposed to Alice…so here are some things I would love see WITH these perfectly over-the-top heels.  PAINT THE ROSES RED!

This would be the perfect occasion for some photo booth fun!

And I want to drink out of these cups (they BEST not be full of tea)…

The more I think about it…the more I think a costume change during the party would be most necessary…


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