Petal Power.

16 Apr

Sony is smart.  Sony is REAL smart.  Or at least their advertising agency is real smart.  To represent the number of pixels in the display of their new TV, Sony released 8 million stunning colored petals into the Costa Rican landscape for what is not only one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen…but also one of the most intensely creative.

2 3 4 5 6 petalscostarica1

Not to mention the fact that watching it gives me some intense sense of calm and pure joy.  Freaking brilliant.

(Story c/o HonestlyWTF)

Funny Little Easter Bunny.

15 Apr

Easter has never been a massive holiday for my family but it has always been an adorable one.  When I was a kid, my parents would hide our always glorious Easter baskets and, while hunting, we were greeted by beautiful foil-wrapped mini chocolate eggs and carefully placed jelly beans all around the house up for grabs.  My surrogate grandparents a few houses down would wake up early and decorate a small tree along the walkway to our front door with bright eggs before we had risen, so we would think the Easter Bunny had been extra nice to us.  And when we had finished our treasure hunt around the house, they would show up like clockwork at our front door with warm cinnamon buns fresh out of the oven, letting my brother and I tell them how cool it was that the Easter Bunny had made such a big visit to our home.


That being said, my mom has, in the last couple years that I have been back in the States for Easter, hidden my Easter basket.  Last year, she REALLY got me.  The entire hunt seriously stressed me out.  In thinking she would be harder on me as an adult when it came to a good hiding place, I was obviously reading too much into it.  (It was next to the TV.)

There’s something so delightful about Easter.  Yes, I know it’s a celebration beyond a terrifying woodland creature hiding chocolate around the house.  But there are so many cute ways to welcome the springtime for this holiday and I wanted to share some of my favorites this year.

Though I won’t be decorating any Easter eggs this year, it doesn’t mean I wouldn’t be totally happy to do so.  (Don’t think it hasn’t been brought up in my apartment.  There was a look of exasperation mixed with patience when I was distracted to the point of almost drooling over a metallic egg kit.)


Check out this super sweet tutorial on how to make these golden confetti dipped eggs from Studio DIY.  They are the perfect blend of my stylish maturity and my childish obsession of all things sparkly.

washi tape

These cutie pie bastards are the brain child of Miss Renaissance who appears to also share an affinity for a bit of gold leaf (and the introduction of some baller Washi tape).  Check out how to create these beauties here.


Oh Happy Day decided to speak directly to my obsessive compulsive crafty side with these place cards.  There is glitter.  There is chocolate.  There are freaking lovely colors.  Find out how she made them here.


Rounding out this series of Cutie McCuteness is Heart Made UK with these sweetie pie center pieces.  Augh, I want them to exist forever.  All over my house.  Sort it out, Easter Bunny.  (See the tutorial for these bad boys here.)

Now I have to figure out what I’m making for dessert for Easter Sunday.  And emotionally prepare myself to dive face first into a chocolate bunny/Peeps situation.

A Sunday Well Spent.

13 Apr


(Image c/o Pinterest)

Rad Picks at Reformation.

8 Apr

I recently came across a dress on the world wide web that I fell in love with…come to find out it was from Reformation…and also come to find out it no longer exists on the site.  BOLLOCKS.  But, regardless, the more I explored the site (admittedly for the first time in quite a while, especially with a couple impending summer weddings in which I would delight in a new frock or two), the more a bigger problem reared its face.




I want to try everything on.  I want to buy everything.  I want to have costume changes at said love fests.






Suggestions welcome.


(All images c/o Reformation)

We Are All Mortal.

4 Apr

we are all mortal

(Image c/o Pinterest)

Marissa Webb Fall 2014.

3 Apr

Up until this year, Marissa Webb always had her show next to us at Ruffian in the fancy pants tent that is NYFW at Lincoln Center.  I always loved when she would arrive because EVERYONE knew it.  Not because of any diva behavior, but because this little munchkin of a thing would sweep in like a tornado made of sunshine and smiles.  She would greet everyone with a sense of familiarity that seemed quite genuine, even though you know she didn’t know who half the people were that she was wishing a good morning.

1 2 3

I was never really struck by any of her collections…which I always found a real shame because I wanted to love everything about this bright little lady.  And then, TA DA.  Her Fall 2014 collection has gone and done it.

4 5 6

It’s a bit naughty schoolgirl gone classy as hell.  Leather, fur, silk…straight-up youthful foxiness.  Will it change the world or the face of fashion?  Not by a mile.  But would dressing in this collection make me a happy girl?  Oh hell yes.  It’s stylish and cool without going too far.  Attainable and aspirational.

7 8

I want it.  Check out the entire collection here.

9 10

(Images c/o

& Other Stories.

2 Apr

I have fallen in love.

With a store.  Based abroad.  Who doesn’t ship to the United States.  DAMMIT.  Star-crossed fashion lovers.  I came across & Other Stories in last May while I was visiting London and I was immediately taken.  If Zara and COS came together to create an affordable and insanely cool line, & Other Stories would be it.





Their physical store is amazing.  Their online shop has photography that is lovely but doesn’t quite showcase how amazing the products are.  Zara falls victim to this on the regular and it’s a shame to see it here.  But if you get yourself into a shop, be prepared to spend hours there.  Their designs are couture level type s**t.  Their fabrics and construction are stunning.  And their prices are beyond reasonable.




The most excellent of all the excellent news is that this place has been started by the brainiacs being H&M and…you ready for it…THEY ARE OPENING A SHOP IN NYC THIS YEAR.  Thank you, Fashion Gods, for looking down on me with this one.  You are truly great and powerful.




Anyway, browse the site and, if you have the chance, get yourself into one of their stores…it’s worth the price of the airline ticket, straight up.

(All images c/o & Other Stories)


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