How Early Is ‘Too Early’ For A Holiday Wishlist?

27 Nov

Maybe it is because my schedule of ‘work weekdays, evenings and weekends’ seems to completely distort my ability to know what day it is on a regular basis.  Or maybe it’s because I just generally have an appalling sense of time.  But when I started to put this post together, I was asking myself if maybe it was, in fact, too early for a holiday wishlist.  I started to grow concerned that my posting of expensive things I know I won’t find under the tree but would like to dream about would register as nothing but greedy this far before the holidays actually arrived.

But then Black Friday and f**king Cyber Monday happened and actually, it appears I am way behind.  Apparently I should have been thinking about this all ages ago.  But I’m sure Santa will sort it all out anyway.  I mean, it’s his job after all.

And because I know he reads Thrill of the Chaise…Santa, if you don’t mind, I’ll have one of each of these:

Kooples Suede Buckle Boots

Chalkboard Sign from Lily & Val on Etsy.

Vivienne Westwood Harvest Necklace

Daydream Believer Dress from Bona Drag

Madewell Old Town Boot

Bulldog Lamp from Rockett St. George

Tim Walker: Story Teller book

London Watercolor by Fairysomnia on Etsy

(Click on any of the images to see where you can buy all these treats for me…or, ya know, whoever.)

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One Response to “How Early Is ‘Too Early’ For A Holiday Wishlist?”

  1. Kimberlee November 28, 2012 at 8:30 pm #

    Great wish list!

    I make mine all year… well it’s really a shopping wish list and whatever I don’t buy for myself I pass on to friends & family for the holiday or my birthday which is in August. Oh yeah my family is very practical… we give each other specific lists or even items that we want rather than “surprise me.” I like to know what I’m getting especially if it’s fashion because they know I have an opinion on it ;)

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