Cynthia Rowley: Bleacher Creatures.

10 Feb

Disclaimer: Cynthia.  I love you.  I think you’re great.

After from being ushered to our seats on very cramped bleachers and doing some pretty reasonable random celeb spotting, complete with mini bottle of prosecco in hand, I was really ready for a show of a new format in an alternative setting.  When the lights went up and the walls in front of us became projection screens for numerous angles watching the models strut, everything was in place for a very cool and unexpected show.  The jewelry was even done by Dannijo which is a very cool collaboration indeed.

Yes.  There is a ‘but’.  But it just kinda was…that’s how I would describe it.  It happened.  Was fine.  Have a reasonable chance of forgetting I saw it until I see someone wearing one of the very lovely but kind of typical coats on the street next fall.  I feel awful saying all of this.  I really wanted to love the collection.  But it just seemed a bit ‘done before’.  It didn’t come across as cohesive and I struggled to find the themes discussed in the program.  Ohhhhhhh goodness I am so sorry, Cynthia.

Admittedly, there were some delightful mohawked pony hair clutches that got me quite jazzed.  And I was digging some of the kicks as well.  By the end of the show, I was seeing the models as a kind of reincarnation of Lydia from Beetlejuice and there was something so much in that I wish had been explored more.  I hope we’re still friends.

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