If you don’t know of Naeem Khan, you’re missing out. Fact.

30 Sep

And that is spoken by someone who didn’t really know of Naeem Khan until quite recently, so take my word for it.

Long story short, I first properly heard about Naeem Khan when one of my teachers was talking about the impact Michelle Obama made on his career after she wore one of his gowns to a State Dinner.

I think we can all agree she looked pretty hot.  Great.  Moving on.

So when this same teacher mentioned that Naeem Khan was looking for some people to lend a helping hand in the showroom during Market Week (the week following NYFW in which the buyers visit showrooms to see the garments up close and personal), I jumped at the chance.  And it turns out they liked the look of me and not only let me come into the showroom to more or less play with the gorgeous clothes all day, they even invited me to the actual show the week before at Lincoln Center.

And oh my word.  Naeem made a damn good first impression.  And even as I was lugging around a ball gown that was way bigger than me and weighed about twice as much, I was still in complete awe of the looks and the craftsmanship that went into each garment.

I can only apologize for this report being so late, but I hope the gorgeousness from the show that follows makes up for it  :)

(I got super excited when a chick taking pictures for a trend website asked to take my picture and asked if my skirt was vintage. Which it isn't. It's Topshop.)

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One Response to “If you don’t know of Naeem Khan, you’re missing out. Fact.”


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